Sunday, January 22, 2012


Alot has happened since i've last posted. I've recently started selling vintage boots and awesome shoes on my etsy. I love doing it :) I've been also submersing myself in my work more, and it's nice. I'm really hoping that this burst of creativity and motivation stays permenantly. I'd like to do more with my clothing line, I'm thinking about selling through more boutiques again. It is just alot to balance between everything in life. It can get overwhelming, but I guess I have some thinking to do. I did however just send my items over to Seal Beach, CA (right by Long beach/LA/Hollywood)for the new boutique opening up there called Hapa Collective. I'm very excited to have my items at such an incredible location :)
I've also been alot more crafty lately, I've been upholstering chairs, painting, and making all sorts of funny things. I'll try and post some of the stuff I make. Here are some of the new items/photos I've recently added to my etsy:

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