Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I really love this creative burst I've been having. It's a nice change. I don't know the last time I've really felt this productive in the creative sense. I think a lot of it has to do with my feeling unstable with my current work situation. I'm a f/t assistant manager, not exactly where I see myself. And it's been bothering me for the longest time, and finally I've decided to get off my butt and pursue a more fashion oriented career. It's hard though. I'd love to be a buyer or a stylist. Those would be top-notch jobs. Hopefully someday I can get to that place. I've been keeping my eyes open for buying jobs at Hot Topic HQ....the only issue is I would then have to move to LA. But I'll do what's needed to have my dream job.

And a random thought....maybe i'm a pessimist, but does anybody else feel like they are always bound to get hurt in the end? I don't know why this is something I always feel, and it's hard to push feelings like that aside, perhaps i'm just jaded too. But in the end I don't know if this mindset protects me, or keeps me from letting go and living my life. It's a frustrating thing to deal with. And I wonder if one day I will shed this habit....I sure hope so.

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