Sunday, January 22, 2012


I've become a victim of winter hibernation mode. I'm trying to get myself out of it, by working out and trying to keep busy. But to be honest, all I want to do is lie around drinking coffee, with the occasional workday. It's pretty bad. I'm going to try and make some more clothes today after I pound down a pot of coffee. I also have a photoshoot with the bare tree at 1 today, so this should get me out. I'll hopefully have pics of that coming up soon!

So christmas is coming up, weird. Not so sure how I feel about that. I'd like to make most of my presents this year, but we will see. It's kind of a tough thing to do, well if I only had to gift to ladies it would be easy...but guys...hmm. I'm going to have to get creative with this!

I'm doing some online shopping again....
This corset I've found on etsy about a year ago, and have been in love with it ever since. They are unlike anything I've ever seen, and someday I hope to purchase one of these goregous pieces of art.

Silk Victorian Steampunk Anatomical Medical Skeleton Custom Cameo Corset by Louise Black

"Young Marie Antoinette Cameo Corset in Rococo and Stripe Fabrics by Louise Black"

The Price of these corsets are $199-$209

These plugs are awesome, you can pretty much find any picture(especially cult classics) put onto a set of plugs! And what's even better, is that they are only $19.99/ea. I'm definitely getting some of these. Here are some of my favorites....

I only searched 1/2", because that the size I'm at, but i'm sure there is much more than what I saw....their etsy is...

A second shop I found that is super awesome is called Against The Grain Wood Here are some of my favs....

Ebony Wood Button Plugs $75

Ebony Timestretch Plugs $55

And the last, and always favorite of I've ordered tons of plugs from this site. I got A pair of stone plugs, as well as 2 sets of wood plugs for only $25(including shipping!) It's all organic materials really can't go wrong with this place.

Also, a friend I work with told me about this band called Dirty Little Rabbits....and I think they may be my new fav. I have yet to pick up the album, i'm just hoping it's there when I come into work tomorrow! You should check them out :)

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