Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Gosh it's been building and building. I feel like I am at a complete standstill. It's one of the most frustrating places to be. I've gotten a college degree (associates in Fashion Marketing)....but where to go from here? I've continued with Hot Topic for the last 3 years and have done very well with it, starting at a key holder, and moving up quickly....Part time assistant manager....now Full time assistant manager with talk about store manager once one opens up. But I can't help but feel so held back. I'm not doing what I love. Hot Topic is a great company, but I don't feel that i'm using my full potential or even moving in a direction that feels right. I want to be creating, or be in a buying position, not selling to random people. And it's been something that's been continuously chewing away at me. I need something different. And so I've come up with a couple ideas:

1. Quit my job and start my own clothing line, focus on blog and doing my own marketing/design.
2. Just get a new job in a different field that pays better. Try something new. Not sure if i'll like it...but it's more $
3. Go back to school....an ACTUAL fashion design school. Not saying MATC wasn't great, I adore my instructor, however.....in the fashion or in any regards, business world an associates degree just doesn't cut it.
4. Continue with hot topic...HOPING that someday I will become a buyer. (something that at one point sounded so incredibly close....)
5. Move to Florida or California to just do something new and live at the edge of my seat.

These choices have been something I've been contemplating for some time now....however I just haven't had the time to actually sit down and think....too much work(as in scheduled work at HT). Gosh this is not a happy place. The one thing I am sure of is this....I need a change. All I want out of life is to be happy.....that's all.

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