Tuesday, March 6, 2012


So yesterday I applied for an Assistant Buyer position at Hot Topic. Finally one has opened up, I'm really hoping that I will have an in since I've worked with Hot Topic for about 3 years now. I'm hoping that my personal experience will make up for the 1 year previous buying experience requirement for the position. It's funny....all buying positions have that as a requirement, but how can you become a buyer then in the first place if you've never worked in that field?! But I do have my Associate degree in fashion marketing....so that's a start. We'll see what happens....I got to meet one of the buyers earlier this winter, and he was super cool and seemed very supportive of my goal. If I get the position that means I'll have to move all the way over to LA, California....eek! scary. I've never been there before, but I'm hoping for the best.

I had a day off today. Decided to go to St. Vinneys....and man I'm so excited with what I found! So there's this jacket that I wanted super bad at Forever21 a couple years ago, but I didn't jump on the chance quick enough and it was all sold out. :( sad face. BUT today I found that exact jacket! I had been searching and searching to find something similar to it....but no luck. And then here it is sitting there at the wonderful st vins for $16 (reg 49) :D Here's a pic:

Such a lovely studded pleather jacket. :D

Another thing I found was a basic black boyfriend cardigan, originally from HM. It was another thing on my list of "to buys"....found that lil one for $6

I wanted to show something else I found another day that I thought was super cute, I got this top from Plato's closet for $6. It was funny I told my manager about it and she said she was looking at the same top! Hah, of all the things at a thrift store and we were looking at the same thing. But here's the top:

I've also been considering setting up a "shop my closet" I always go through so many clothing pieces and accessories....So I've strongly considered this! I just registered an account at goodsie.com (got the idea from www.indiejanephotograpy.com) so it's just a matter of setting it up!

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