Thursday, May 17, 2012


Alright it is. They will be printed in either white or off white colors.... Here are my designs. Please excuse the coloration, when exporting from illustrator, it kind of grays out the black. The Ram Skull is my pride and joy. All of these were originally hand drawings. Hope you like them!!




HERE IS AGAIN INFORMATION ON PRINTS AND SUCH FROM PREVIOUS POST: The print quality will be done in a way so that the ink is light, and gives a really neat vintage feel. I will not be doing the printing myself, but going local to a place in Middleton. I feel that the amount of cost/time/lack of space just wouldn't work with me managing Hot Topic. But this way I can still create designs and have fun with this :)

My current storefront will be online here: SOVRIN

I will be selling all prints in whatever style at $25 flat.

Once I release prints if you want to have anything on hold or reserve for you just email me. I will ask that you pay beforehand to ensure that you receive the top. Shipping will be roughly $4.

Each print will be released as follows:

BLACK women's sheer rib racerback:
American Apparel #S308
2 small
4 medium
4 large

BLACK men's poly-cotton tank:
American Apparel #BB408
2 small
3 medium
2 large

BLACK unisex V-neck
American Apparel #2456

1 x-small
2 small
2 medium
1 large
1 xl

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