Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I'm going to share with you one of my favorite summer drinks. It's super refreshing, light, simple and tasty.

Here's what you will need: 2-3 strawberries 1 lime sparkling water of your choice

Cut up strawberries into thin slices, and cut the lime into wedges.
Layer strawberries and ice in glass...it just looks prettier :)
Squeeze lime over strawberries and ice. If you like your drink sweeter, you can also add agave nectar or sugar water. Slice slit into lime wedge and embellish on the lip of the glass. Pour sparkling water over the ice and enjoy!
I love this drink because I'm not much of a soda fan, and it gives you the fizz without all the sugar and calories. And the fruit is super tasty to eat once the glass is finished. :)


  1. nice post!!! looks really refreshing.. :) nice photos!! i'm a new follower..
    follow back??


  2. Thanks! Yeah I make it all the time. @shiny bliss I'll check it out!