Friday, July 13, 2012


This is my first giveaway every.  I want to see how it works.  So basically I'm going to be giving away a free top or bottom to one lucky winner.  I have handmade all of these items.  I used to own a clothing company called Maverick clothing.  I had made everything by hand, one of a kind, from recycled materials.  And here are a couple things I've made.  If you ever followed me during my maverick years and have something special you want made, then I will possibly make it for you.

Here's how to enter:

1. "follow" my blog.  All you need to follow is just click the button on the right sidebar that says "Join this site with google friend connect"
2. Leave a comment with your email and which item you would like (please leave the number of which item is preferred)

1. Visit  (my new screenprinting clothing line) and pick out what your favorite item is!  Leave this in a second comment and I'll count your name twice.

It's that easy.

I will start my giveaway today and it will go until 7/29/12 at 12:00pm central time.  I will literally write all of your names down and pick at random.

As for the stuff you can win:

#1  Floral mesh back tank
Size: M

Chain is detachable for wash.

#2 True Blood Mini Skirt
This item is handmade from recycled materials, it is a one of a kind piece! The skirt fits a size 9-11. It features a True Blood decal. Also seen at The Meat Market Fashion Show

#3 cowl neck Victorian inspired dress

This piece is one of a kind, recycled, and handmade! It is made from a soft velvet material, and is super cute with a bandeau layered underneath as well as with some thigh hi boots. It fits a size Sm-M (2-6) This piece was featured in the Meat Market Fashion Show.

#4 Bandanna print studded racerback

This fits as a crop top.  Worn with a bandeau.  It fits a size medium.

#5  Skeleton hands cardigan tank

This fits a size Medium as well

Alright Y'all that's all for now. Feel free to email or comment with any questions :)


  1. --> my favourite here :)

  2. Hello there! My e-mail is and I am in love with number four =D

  3. and number 4 :) x

  4. Hey ;)

    #5 Skeleton hands cardigan tank

  5. and PS
    LOVE the stag beetle print: