Thursday, July 12, 2012


 I want to be styling, doing buying, trend forecasting, be a blogger....any one of those. I know I can, I have the worth and talent. At this point I just feel incredibly Immobile. And I don't know where to go from here.

 Anyways here's some photos of happy things and stuff I've made. Enjoy. This skirt I made a bit ago, and I really love it! However it's more of a fall skirt .

And here are some projects I'm working on currently.  This denim jacket I've thrifted from Goodwill and got free from my goodwill points ;)  I'm adding some more studs, maybe a patch, and I've already bleached and dyed it.  As for the soon to be dress.  I am working on finishing and finishing a tutorial on how to make these lovely baby doll style scarf dresses.

Lastly.  I'm kind of bummed I didn't pick up on this whole blogging thing when I was in high school.  Maybe I actually could have been a blogger then had I posted daily on what new cool things I had made and the multiple fashion shows, photoshoots all that stuff.  Darn.  If only I could re live my youth.

Oh hey one more thing.  If you haven't heard of must visit it.  Blalocks Indie Rock Playlist.  Wonderful FREE playlist that comes out monthly of 120+ songs.  Every time I download it, it feels like christmas.  You can even stream it for free too if you don't want to download it.  Each artist/song/rating is listed.  Such a wonderful thing.