Wednesday, July 11, 2012


It took me a long while to get into pinterest.  But now that I've found all of these super cute things to make for the home, I'm kind of hooked!  I want to spend a week just making everything.  If you have pinterest you can follow me!

This couch would be great to make for my new patio.  I would just have to cut the pallets in half and stack them to add some height. 

These soap dispensers I made about 2 years ago and posted them on my blog.  Just decided to re-visit the photo!

This photo makes me think of high school.  I had a pair of jeans I distressed this much, and had sewn lace to the backing.  I also painted really cool filigree all over it with wall stamps.  Those were my FAVORITE pair of jeans.  It kind of makes me want to re- make a cool pair like that.  I'll have to find an old pair that I don't mind just a good way

This tank top I had actually made a few years ago as well.  My friend Chelsea had given me the idea to use zippers as straps.  Such a smart gal! 

This makes me excited for fall.  I'm such a sucker for obnoxious amounts of layering. I'm definitely going to make these.  They are made from sweater sleeves.  Which believe it or not....I used to make all the time in high school.  I would find the most crazy patterned sweaters, and make them into leggings and use the other sweater materials to make tops and bags and all that good stuff.

I definitely want to make this for my new place. They are so much cuter and cooler than regular book shelves.  They say you can find these crates at Jo ann fabrics....hopefully I can find them for under $10 each.  

This is just the cutest idea for animal beds. I need to make this for lilo.  Let's hope that if I do he actually uses it.


  1. Love this post! I'm going to try the bookcase as well as the pet bed for my kitty.

    Now following :)

    1. Thanks so much! Yes I hope to make almost all of these and show the results on my blog :)

  2. Omg I love the last one x)