Monday, July 23, 2012


Once a year in Madison, WI there is a great event that goes on called Maxwell street days.  It usually happens near the end of July, and I make sure to plan my week around it!  All the stores downtown on State Street are on sale.  They pull out tables to the street and put out tons of merchandise for a small fraction of the original cost.  My favorite sale though is Urban Outfitters.  Why is their sale so much better?  Because every single Urban Outfitters sends their clearance merchandise to our store in Madison, WI.  And to top it off all clearance is an extra 50% off.  I usually can't afford to shop at UO, but on this weekend I go crazy and buy tons and tons from them.  If you have never heard of Urban Outfitters, you should check out their website.

This is a photo from around 9am on Friday morning in front of UO.  Honestly, this was a very small crowd in comparison to how it gets around 10-11.  They placed tables with bins and bins of clearance items.

And now, here's what gems I'd found on this lovely weekend: 

PURSE: originally $69......paid $5
SHOES: orginally $59....paid $15
TEES: both originally $39...paid $7.50

DENIM JACKET: originally $59...paid $10
SKELETON TEE: originally $39....paid $5
BLAZER: originally $69....paid $5

TEE:  originally $39....paid $5

So in total the original cost of all these items would have been.....$412!!
And the total that I paid?.....$60 :D  Pretty awesome I'd say.

And moving on from Maxwell.  I've done a bit of thrifting lately.  Here are some of my finds! 

I got these 3 tops from our local Dollar Pound.  It's literally what it sounds is $1/lb.  So I paid a whopping $1.60 for these 3 tops.  I'm planning on bleaching the denim jacket and tearing it up a bit.  As for the rose top it's a bit long, and so I'm planning on making it into a cute little dress! I'm super excited for that.  

These two tops I got from Goodwill for $3.99/each.  I'm only going to be altering the striped button down on the left.

These shoes are super awesome...however I did pay $12 for them...a bit more than I'd expected, but I definitely foresee myself wearing them a lot.  I want to purchase some more studs and add some to the toes. I'm not decided yet.

I have the day off from work today, I'm planning on finishing up some sewing projects, starting some new ones, hopefully doing and outfit post, and also organizing some files on my computer.  Oh how I love my days off.....

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