Thursday, August 9, 2012


I've said this before a few times, but I know many people don't always read fully through every blog post.  I won't be posting much this week because I am in the process of moving.  My move out date is the 14th and I will be moving in on the 15th....such a process!  So I will do my best to post what I can, with what little time I have around working.  So bare with me :)

Also, thank you so much to anyone who has followed my blog.  It's honestly super appreciated, and I get very happy every time I see a new follower :)

I'm still kind of new to Instagram, and am learning a lot more about the app.  I had no idea that there was a notification page until today....haha.  Wow. And I'm still not quite sure how to make those multiple picture photos.  Anyways, here's my week in instagram.  If you have it feel free to follow me :)  You can search my username kbgarland13 

I just bought these jeans from Plato's Closet for only $6, they are Bullhead Skinny Jeggings....I really love them and can't believe they were only $6!  Also this necklace is one of my favorites.  I had it kind of stashed away in a drawer for the past year after it broke....but from going through my stuff for moving I found it and FINALLY fixed it.  Wore it today :)  

My sister came into town last night (she lives in Florida) with her boyfriend and we all [me, sister, her boyfriend, my boyfriend, dad and brother...mum is in New York] went out to dinner at our favorite Thai restaurant in Madison, Vientiante Palace.  Such good food!  Me and my boyfriend shared the Curry Squash...and I got plum wine.    So good!

These awesome rings came into the mail.  I ordered them from  I love them!

My sister visited Japan, and brought me back my favorite magazine, KERA.  I could look through this magazine 50 times and still find something new every time.  It's so great!

I ADORE these leggings in KERA.  *want*

This is a vest I made last week.  :)  I posted about it earlier this week.

The other night my boyfriend and I made a super good dinner. Chicken, potatoes, and gluten free balsamic goat cheese bruschetta....which I'm thinking I may end up doing a recipe on here very shortly for it.  It's so easy, and so good!

This is a painting my boyfriend made for me last winter.  It's my favorite, but I'm still trying to find the right frame, I'm tempted to get a custom framing job done, I just know it's super expensive.

This is my aunts cat. I took this photo a while ago.  She is the BIGGEST cat I've ever seen.  Amazingly though she is super light....all the giant ism is fully fur.

Got gas the other day....yeah cost me about $4.40 a gallon...I've never had to pay this much.  It doesn't help that I drive a Mini cooper s, and it only takes premium.  It gets great gas mileage though...and is a sexy little car.

I've decided to do blog planning, these are my notes from my planning (which I blogged about earlier this week)

Last year I went to Pitchfork music festival in Chicago, IL with a bunch of friends.  When we weren't seeing fantastic bands play (like Fleet Foxes, Animal Collective, Cut Copy) we went to a few museums....this is one of the photos I took.  I absolutely love dinosaurs.  They are so awesome....especially raptors!

That's all for now.  I apologize for the short posting.  Again I'm's stressful.  But I do the best I can to keep up my blog!


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