Monday, August 6, 2012


I'm taking some time out of work and packing to share some of my current music loves.

I've been really listening to the Blalock's Indie Rock playlist for July, and loving it!  If you haven't seen my posts before about really must check it out.  It's a free playlist of about 120 fantastic songs that comes out once a month.

From July I've fell in love with the band The Neighbourhood.  The song they have on here is "Sweater Weather".  I really love the simplicity of this song, as well as the great beats.  It's honestly not the type of music I usually listen to, it definitely seems like something that will be on the radio soon.  I've come across a few songs/artists that had been featured on BIRP that have become really huge, one of them being Of Monsters and Men....haha I almost wrote Of Mice and Men.....definitely a very different band.  But anyways's the music video for this song.

Another song I've come to love is called "Dreams" by WINDOZE98.  It sounds JUST like the opening for of my favorite shows.  So funny.  Again, this song has wonderful beats to it.

This song is really great, and reminds me a lot of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.  Another one of my favorite movies.  It's something you would listen to on a rainy day. It's called "In Dreams" by Tomemitsu It really is lovely.  Unfortunately I cannot find a video for this, so you will either have to download or live stream from the July 2012 BIRP playlist.

This song "Shut Eye" by Stealing Sheep I just can not get enough of.  It has such a unique sound.  It has a hint of Edward Sharpe and also Of Monsters and Men.  I love how chanty it is, and the melody is just wonderful.  I absolutely love playing this super loud in my car, the drumming sounds really great in my mini. (yes I drive a mini, and it has been my dream car for the longest time, and FINALLY bought one this year :D)

This last song is called "Silk" by Giselle.  Her voice is so gorgeous.  If i would ever get do do a cover of a song, this would be my first choice.  So pretty.  And I love that Silk and Shut Eye are right next to each other in the BIRP playlist!

Well that's all for my first Music Monday.  I hope you enjoy these songs as much as I do.  There's nothing like the feeling of finding a new song that just hits home.  It really does give me butterflies.


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