Thursday, August 23, 2012


This is the first day in a long time that I actually want to go in and work today.  With our bonus being so close, I just have so much anxiety about making sales.  I have a super great team, and I know that they will make it happen, so I really need to let go and have a good day off.

I did a quick little outfit shoot today, trying out the new patio and lighting.  It works quite nice!  I just didn't really have any inspiration for a good outfit.  But honestly, my inspiration and motivation has really been lacking lately.  It's really bumming me out.  I think it's just stress.  It's easy to get stressed out from little personal worries and it ends up affecting your everyday life in a big way.  I have to try and remind myself that things are okay, and life just goes by too fast.  I just wonder how much of my life has been spent worrying, and most of the time about something that isn't even happening.  I need to find tips on clearing my mind and just living and being happy. *sigh*

I'm thinking about getting a gym membership.  I've gotten so many in the past, it's just very hard to make time to go.  Especially when I'm working 40 hours,  and trying to already balance friend time/boyfriend time/me time/blogging.  I called up a local club today for rates, and it's a bit expensive.  So I'm going to really have to commit if I'm doing this.  The one super awesome thing about it though is that it's a 24 hour gym....with a pool.  So I can go swimming at any hour! :o  Very excite. *borat voice*

Anyways here's my new outfit post, it's much more umm....simple than what I usually wear :)  I'll post on Lookbook soon.

Blazer: $8 Plato's closet
Shoes: $42.50 Hot Topic
Top: $19.50 Wet Seal
Rose Necklace: $2 Thrifted
Jeans: $34 Bullhead- Pac Sun

I don't know why I really like the photo below.  It's super blurry, but for some reason I just think it's sweet.


That's all for now.  I'll post again tomorrow!

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  1. You very different in these pics there very sweet x