Saturday, September 29, 2012


For the longest time I've been wanting to make my own pepper infused vodka for bloody marys.  Bloody marys are my favorite thing to drink.  I crave them almost every night!  And let me tell you, I am a MASTER at a spicy bloody mary.  I will be sharing my recipe very shortly.  But, for now I want to share how I made my own pepper infused vodka!.  

I went to our local thrift store, St. Vinneys and found this cute yellow jar with a pour spout, it was only $1.40 (score!)  

So for the vodka, you can really choose how spicy you want it by the kinds of peppers you get.  I chose to make it a slightly sweet spice.   The more of the red/green bell peppers the sweeter it is.  I found some jalapenos and then I chose the yellow pepper, just for color.  (apparently it is about a 3-4 on the spice scale...jalapeno is a 0)  You can use any kind of vodka, I got the cheap kind, as after you add all of the spices, you can't tell much of a difference.

I then sliced them up the horizontal way.  I made sure to get all the seeds out though!  Then I started to layer them.  Your vodka will look prettier if you do a kind of pattern with it!  (green bell, jalapeno, red bell, yellow, jalapeno, green bell is my pattern)  

After everything is layered, just pour the vodka on in!  I only waited about 3 hours before using it, and all of the flavors had pretty much dispersed into the vodka.  

*side note*  After it's been a few days, I do suggest to add Everclear if you still want it to have an alcoholic kick, otherwise the peppers soak up most of the vodka.  If you don't mind (which I usually don't I just like it for the flavor) then just keep it as it is!

Now if only I had an idea of what to do with all of the peppers after the vodka is gone!

Isn't it pretty?

On another note, my boyfriend just left for Portland, Oregon this morning....I wish I could have gone with him!  Our apartment is so lonely without him!

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