Friday, October 19, 2012


I'm usually one to go out on Fridays and Saturdays with friends, but today I've decided to stay in. I've got an awful cold, and I think that tomorrow will be much better. I'm very happy I decided to stay in, it's nice to have a night to myself, and it's almost grounding.

 I'm working on some new t-shirt designs, hopefully I can get them out soon. I just want to make 2 new designs, and then I'll be set. They are both super cool, but I feel like they just aren't there yet.

 Okay update, just got one finished, and I'm pretty happy about it! What do you think?

This is only a screenshot of my design.  But it has 2 death moths on it that I drew, everything is original.  I think it's really cool.  I love death moths, and I think they have such great patterns on them.  I will be printing this on a heathered grey material.  

I'm pretty proud of this one, I think it really turned out great. :)

Now on to the next design!  If i can get 2 designs complete in a night, I will be one happy lady.

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