Monday, November 12, 2012


Yesterday was a great day.  I had the day off, got to go to brunch with friends at this amazing place called Eldorado Grill.  I got these corn quesadillas, bloody mary, and a coffee.....they may have one of THE BEST bloody mary's I've ever had.  And their food is incredible.  By far one of my new favorite places to eat.  After brunch I got to lie around a bit with my boyfriend, and then my good friend Saul taught me how to screen print, he is a master at his craft and has his own super rad company, The Bare Tree.  I'm so excited!  My prints for SOVRIN turned out wonderful.  I'm planning on purchasing my own equipment soon.  I feel that I will have much more creative freedom being able to do it whenever I want.  I'm so happy to have such an awesome and talented friend :)

Tomorrow I will be doing a photo shoot in the early morning, so I should have a few more pictures up tomorrow.  But for now, I'll leave you with a couple pics I took during printing.

This is my hoodie....I have another one that is cranberry (which I'm currently wearing)....<3 them!

I haven't gotten into printing hoodies for sale yet just because they are very costly to print.  Right now only me, and 2 other people have SOVRIN hoodies(each of my models will be receiving them tomorrow).....such a rarity.

Here is an image taken during printing.

Here is a new tank dress I've made...I love it so much!  You can find it at my shop!

It's a medium, $35

Lastly a picture of my boyfriend and I taken this weekend.  I really like it. 

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