Tuesday, December 18, 2012


It's snowing!
I usually don't care for snow, but our winter has been so weird lately, it just feels normal to have some...finally!

They are predicting a super huge snow storm coming Wednesday night into Thursday.
They are predicting up to 15" of snow.
 I am hoping that they close the mall Thursday morning, at least.
 I have to open that day, and if the mall is closed, I still get paid!
Weston and I decided if there is no work(snow day!) we are going to go sledding.
I feel like i'm in school again.

These are my mucklucks. 
I love them dearly in the winter time.

I have to work today at 2 *sigh*
My days off always seem to go by so fast.

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  1. Don't they just. If the snow gets bad enough today, Frank may decide not to visit us tomorrow! 8D