Sunday, February 17, 2013


Here's a quick outfit post.  I haven't been on polyvore in a while.  

It's really cold in Wisconsin right now, and I am just looking forward to spring and warm weather.  

I was planning on printing today, but got caught up hanging with friends.  Tomorrow I'm going to print 2 of my new designs.  I'll have them up for sale at my fashion show in a week and a few days. (It's coming up so fast!)  And then post them on my Etsy.


Lipsy , $12 / River Island , $39 / Crafted craft bag, $50 / Forever 21 scarve / Cat eye sunglasses / Cutout Geo Necklace | FOREVER21 - 1042823938

Oh hey,  I cut my hair.  I just wanted it to be healthier.  It got a bit damaged from bleaching and coloring it weird colors.  Hopefully it will grow faster, and I will just stick with black from now on.

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