Monday, March 25, 2013


One of the best ways to set your outfit apart from the rest is using bold statement accessories.  Finding unique pieces at thrift stores, boutiques, etsy, and other shops can really bring an outfit to life.  Lately, I've found a new love for bold/chunky jewelry.

Why you ask are accessories so fantastic? Here are 3 reasons:

1.)  They are inexpensive (compared to clothing) and you can easily find some really unique pieces for under $5 at most thrift stores (which I happened to find an awesome pendant last night for $5)
2.)  You cannot "grow out" of them like you would a pair of jeans....
3.)  It can change the "jeans and t-shirt" look all the way to chic "wow you but a lot of effort into that outfit" look (even though you really didn't)
4.)  They can add color to your wardrobe, and are especially helpful to people like me who tend to shy away from color when purchasing tops/dresses etc.

Now, a bold choker necklace may not be for everyone, but there are a few different ways you can get in on the statement accessories look.

Let's start with the easy one.  SCARVES
If you have a Pinterest account and follow women's fashion, i'm sure you've seen this booming trend of "this is so cute I could totally wear this" outfits posting all around, and guess what....most of them contain leggings, boots, over-sized cardigans/tees guessed it, a scarf!

You can find the original post/image here.  I've recently stumbled upon this girl on, and I am just in love with her style.  She has definitely inspired me!

I feel like the scarf in this outfit definitely makes it stand out.  Without it, the outfit would appear more as office attire, and less like something you would wear to a nice cocktail bar.

The next one:  NECKLACES
Necklaces are my obsession.  If I come across a pendant necklace with some sort of skull on it (especially animal skull) I go nuts.  But lately, I've been warming up to (and excited to purchase some of my own) chunky statement necklaces.  

Above:  Kertii
This girl is wonderful, I don't know how anybody couldn't fall in love with her style.  She is definitely one of my favorite lookbookers (and bloggers)  The necklace she used definitely turned this black dress into something a little more feminine and artsy.

And the last:  Headbands/bandanas
The whole pinup look will forever be a trend that every time spring rolls around, I will be excited for.  With this whole pinup style comes the bandana.  I have always been wanting to get in on the trend, but hair up-do's are some what of a struggle for me. 

I'd say this girl also follows under the necklace category. But either way, her accessories are perfect and really make this outfit.  The headband, gold accessories, and polka dots add a cute vintage feel.

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