Wednesday, March 27, 2013


So far my trip has been going well in Florida.  Only spent 2 nights here so far.  It's actually really cold (only 60 degrees today) but it's supposed to continue to warm up.  I'm looking forward to actually using the pool here.  We have massages planned today, then I think I'm going to get some drawing done and also get photos together to post on here about my activities.  But for the time being here's an outfit post.  

We went shopping a little yesterday and scored some awesome studded leggings for $13, and also an awesome flannel from the vans store.

tank: hot topic
jacket: hot topic/DIY by me

Necklaces: icing/ragstock
earrings: hot topic

shoes: buckle

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  1. Awesome outfit <3 I'm so jealous that you are in Florida! I went on a trip there once years ago and it was amazing ^^ I hope you have fun!