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I'm going to show/talk a little about some of the gluten free beers/ales/lagers etc I've tasted.  I am no beer snob....I don't know much about them (so pardon my non-beer elitist lingo) but I do know what I like....and being gluten free, it's extremely hard to find good beers.  That being said, I hope any of you glutards(learned that term from a friend) out there missing beer appreciate this post.

A few things to know before reading this:
1.  Before finding out my gluten free allergy, I preferred drinking only very very dark beers (on the lines of Guinness) I have yet to find a dark gluten free beer out there (that is a hint to all of you people making beer....please make a dark GF will become rich)
2.  Some gluten free beers are not FULLY gluten free, but the process in which the beer is brewed reduces the ppm to below 20 (usually things are marked gluten free are under 20ppm)  If you know what level of gluten you can tolerate, please check the labels carefully before consuming.

This is by far my favorite gluten free beer ever.  To me, a lot of gluten free beers I find just taste...empty...if that makes any sense....this one does not.  At all.  Basically, it tastes normal.  It has a little TINY sweetness to it, a little bitter....and it's doesn't have that weird metallic taste you find in a lot of gluten free sorgham based beers.  Another plus, it's in a you can go to your parties and drink beer like the rest of em'. 

"A gluten free pale that has citrus notes and is light bodied. You will find no sorghum in this beer, but rather organic rices, nectars, and north american hops. This brew is 5% ABV and 50 IBU's. Enjoy this brew at 45°F-55°F. Serve in a 25cl goblet."
-Joseph James Brewing Co.

These two beers are new to my beer pallet.  
This one is probably my second favorite gluten free beer.  It's VERY bitter and a little skunky(that does't sound appealing) but if you like a strong flavor, this is the one to go with.  On the link, it looks like there is another kind of gluten free beer they make that I have yet to try that is the darker version....which makes me pretty excited. 

Estrella is a gluten free lager, and is actually brewed from barley but the process in which it's brewed makes the gluten levels lower than 3ppm.  It has won tons of awards as being the best gluten free lager, and it really is very tasty.

New grist is really not my favorite.  It is a very light tasting beer, and has a bit of a metallic aftertaste.  It's one of the most common ones I see in Wisconsin, which is a bummer because I feel like bars are missing out on the good gluten free beers.

Bards is a great gluten free beer, there is nothing distinct about just tastes like beer.  Which is exactly what many people who have been newly diagnosed with a gluten allergy are looking for.

This beer is fantastic, it's a pale ale(which I like) however, it's not fully gluten free.  It's actually made from barley, but the process in which it's brewed lowers the gluten levels to below 20ppm.  So if you are not deathly allergic to gluten then you should try it!  Also, it's priced pretty well at around $8 for a 6 pack.

Redbridge is one of the more common beers I find at bars.  This one is sorghum based, it is pretty light and has that metallic aftertaste.  Not one of my favorites, but will do if it's all there is.

LASTLY (this is not a beer)

This is a new found love of mine.  I've had about every cider out there, but when I want something sweet and NOT cider...this is what I drink.  It basically tastes like a non-alcoholic ginger beer....but it is alcoholic...if that makes sense.  So think of a very gingery ginger ale...and that's what you get, and it's gluten free.  I've shown all my friends this....and they are all hooked.

All right so those are a few of the beers I've tried.  I hope this helps to any of you who are gluten free and looking for new beers to try!

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