Sunday, April 14, 2013


Last week I went to The Camera Company and purchased a few new lenses.  Apparently my main lens was just I got that one replaced.  Then I couldn't help myself but get a fun lens.  I've always wanted one that would take really detailed up close pictures but the background became blurry.    I took a couple pictures of some new necklaces I got today just to play around with the new lens.

Sorry it's a bit photo heavy, but I'm just super excited!  Also, both the necklaces I got from Forever 21...they were both around $5.

Yesterday something super exciting happened for me.  A page called Nerdgasmic and Dorktastic on facebook posted a link of my Sword Leggings and they got so much traffic!  Over 600 likes and 200 shares.  So THANK YOU so much for that.  

I have 3 new leggings designs coming out hopefully next week.  I will be looking for models to model the leggings, some new tanks, as well as most of my previous inventory.  It will be a simple indoor shoot with white background.  

Here's what I'm looking for in a model:
Wears size 7 or under
Alternative look (different colored hair, tattoos, piercings...not too many piercings)
18 years old and up
Lives in the Madison, WI area

Please message me if you're interested.  And please do not be in any way sad or offended if I do not decide to use you.  You're still gorgeous! Just not what I'm looking for today :)

Here's an example of an ideal model:

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