Thursday, April 11, 2013


Any time I can, I like to purchase items for small companies/entrepreneurs.  It makes me feel like I am directly helping them achieve their dreams....which is what I want to do if I feel like they are creating something beautiful and worthwhile.

One of my favorite companies is Moon Raven Designs.  They create gorgeous jewelry that are mostly based on animalistic anatomy....which is one of my obsessions.  I have 2 necklaces from them....and just ordered a 3rd.  I am beyond excited.  They are a little on the expensive side, but they are very worth it as I cannot find any other company that pays as much attention to detail as they do.  The current necklaces I own, I wear almost every day.  Here is a photograph of the new necklace I will be expecting!

The other necklaces I own by them are these:  (my lovely boyfriend bought both of them for me!)

The ram skull necklace was what first drew me to their shop.  I wear this one the most.  It's absolutely amazing.

Another company I just purchased from is Fearless Plugs.  This girl creates some pretty rad plugs and at a great price.  One thing I love about her shop is that you get a lot of choices when it comes to color/size/style.   It's always nice being able to order exactly what you like.  I just ordered these items:

I'm super excited for these anchors....just the cutest buttons!  And I have yet to get gold plugs for my newly sized up ears :)

These bird skull plugs are awesome because you can choose the color I of course chose black.  I love that they are dangly so that I can feel as if I am wearing fancy earrings when in reality I'm just wearing fancy plugs.  OH and size 9/16 is available....awesome.

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