Tuesday, January 28, 2014


One thing I haven't really advertised much yet about SOVRIN is one of my views/morals that I try to support and follow as much as possible:  environmentally friendly clothing and supporting the idea of sustainability.

Beyond getting rad printed clothing, know that I do my best to try and make my apparel as ethically and eco friendly as possible.  How you ask?   Here are a few ways:

1.)  I print using water based inks.  These inks are the most eco friendly of all.  During the curing process of the inks, water is vaporized into the air.....when other types of inks are cured chemicals are vaporized into the air....NOT COOL.

2.)  I print on American Apparel.  American Apparel is made in L.A.....it is sweatshop free.....and people are offered fair living wages.   I have heard arguments on this, however, almost every other apparel wholesalers for printing doesn't even mention where their stuff comes from (overseas in sweatshops) because they are just in it to profit as much as possible no matter how unethical their company may be.

3.)  I am switching my fabrics (for the witching hour line) over to organic bamboo blends.  Not much else to say about it besides it's organic, and bamboo grows like wildfire....not to mention the fabric is exceptional!  It's a bit more pricey...but it's worth it to know your fabric came from a good place.  (I do have 1 item that is not yet made with bamboo due to the drape/make of it)

Well those are the main ways of how I'm trying to better the world.  I do have plans/dreams in the future to open a shop that carries only fashion forward small independent designers.  (so you can find ethically sound apparel, while looking like a badass)

To end it all....here are some new designs that I've just released (they can be purchased at www.sovrinapparel.com or www.sovrin.etsy.com)

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