Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Here are some photos from my instagram.  You can follow me @sovrin_

Here's a photo of one of the newest tanks!  It's made from an organic bamboo stretch fleece.  It's super comfortable

Some SOVRIN tees <3  Newest designs!

Here are a few outfits I wore the last couple weeks.  It's been dreadfully cold and gross, so I haven't been dressing up much.  This winter has been horrible and I'm really looking forward to the warmer weather to trickle in.

A couple days ago we had a random warm day (being winter in Wisconsin, warm was 50 some degrees)  It really helped kick my winter depression and got me motivated to do some work on my patio.  I painted my settee and table(which I thrifted for $6) and then upholstered the cushion and also made some pillows.  I'm going for a mediterranean theme.....and believe me the colors I was drawn to definitely surprised me.  It's pretty much the opposite of my indoor decorations....which consist of skulls, dark colors, and anything morbid.  

Here's a little snippit of some of my jewelry, just a selection of my rings :)

Some stacked SOVRIN tees....did a lot of printing!  With sales higher I'm working at keeping more printed inventory so I can ship out items much faster.

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