My name is Kayla. I used to own a clothing line called mAVERICK clothing that I started at 17. I created one of a kind pieces from recycled materials. Recently I have ended mAVERICK and started on a new path, a printing company called SOVRIN. Aside from my little companies I enjoy thrifting, sewing, cooking, biking, being crafty, tea, and cats (you will see my adorable cat Lilo pop up every now and then in my blog)

Since my cat is such an important part of my life, I'd like to tell you a little about him.

Lilo is a Deaf little kitty, and has had 1 near death experience(I saved him....after paying 1,500 in vet bills...but it was worth it). He is my pride and Joy. I named after Lilu from the 5th Element (one of my favorite movies) He enjoys sleeping, purring, laying in odd positions, playing under rugs, making biscuits, biting toilet paper, and eating people foods. Sometimes he acts like a dog (LOVES his tummy rubbed) I got him as a kitten in 2009, and I don't think i'm capable of loving an animal more that I do him.


  1. Hello dear...

    I want to feature you on my blog...
    Please e-mail me so I can get in touch ;)





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