Sunday, March 25, 2012


Alright, expect MANY photos and postings coming up this week. I am leaving today for Mexico for a week with my family. We are staying in an all-inclusive resort. YAY! I am just pretty nervous about the safety of Mexico. I know it’s super dangerous to go out of the resort, so we are going to be staying there the whole time and not leaving. I know I’ll be fine, but I can’t help but worry. We stayed in Milwaukee last night because our flight leaves at 5:50 am….eek. I wanted to pull an all-nighter, but it didn’t work out too well. I got 3 hours of sleep.

I feel like I will get a lot done. I brought my camera, laptop, sketchbooks, and books. Hopefully I’ll read a book, but knowing me, I’ll probably be too distracted with designs that I won’t have time for reading. My goal is to have 3 solid designs by the end of this trip. And hopefully have my business license and American Apparel wholesaler’s license all set up. Then be able to start printing once my order comes in. I’m thinking for each print I will have 15 girl’s tanks, 10 guys’ tanks, 15 v necks, and 8 hoodies, in a variety of sizes. I am also thinking about posting the designs about a week in advance to see if anybody has any requests on specific sizing/styles etc. The name I’m calling this company is SOVRIN. I’m still unsure of if I want to add the name in a small place on the shirts. Meh, we’ll see! If anybody has any suggestions or ideas or whatever, you can email me at or you can leave a comment here and I’ll get back to you asap!

Oh hey, also I am looking for models for the tanks/hoodies/vnecks. I would like people with alternative style. So tattoos, rad hair, piercings….stuff like that. If you think you got game, let me know. I’ll be giving out free tanks or shirts for helping me out. It will be an outdoor shoot, because I don’t have any fancy equipment, and natural light is wonderful. But I’m going to do something downtown. I’d prefer to have a white brick background or something on the lines. I will be doing simple standing shots, minimal makeup (highlight under brow, neutral blush, mascara, liner on top lid), natural beachy wave/blown out hair. Models will wear classic blue denim shorts or jeans, small rips are fine in shorts…most likely no shoes, unless if your feet look like death ;p ahah just kidding. But yeah, it will be just very basic, so the model and garment can be focused on. But again, if you are interested in this shoot let me know. If I don’t pick you please don’t be offended, I just want to find the right fit for the brand. Oh and the tattoos etc are not required, just a bonus. I will also credit you in the photos if you would like. Waivers will need to be signed at shoot as well. Shoots are always super laid back, I’ll probably bring snacks/drinks. Depending on the age of people….maybe some beers/alchie drinks. It can help nervousness haha.

On a side note, I colored my hair yesterday, didn’t exactly go as planned…. I wanted turquoise, purple, and black. Instead I got purple, turquoise, cyan, blue, and green….wtf. I don’t know though, I kind of like it? It’s different. I’m planning on either re doing the turquoise, or covering it all with blue, and adding some black streaks to the top when I get home. But for now, this is what I got. I’ll post photos later. Let me know what y’all think!

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