Friday, June 1, 2012


Please don't mind the awfully taken photo. I do not own any sort of stand for my camera....probably should get one :p But anyways I was super excited to wear my shirt today!! I am wearing a size medium in the dude's tank fit. I love the material, it's super lightweight and comfortable. I'm also very happy with the prints itself, they were only a 1 swipe process, so the ink is a lot lighter, and has a softer hand.
I took a couple quick snaps of the thanks I'm going to be keeping....just as a preview!
I love them all so much! AND I actually have a few ideas of some new super badass designs. So I'm hoping if all goes well the first week, i'm going to get on the new prints, re-order, and then start visiting some shops in Madison and Milwaukee to start selling :) So exciting.

On a side note, I wanna share some super cute things I just bought! I ordered a purse from Hot Topic and it came in yesterday. I usually never like purses with prints on them, but this one kind of tickled my fancy. I think it had to have been the rose/sugarskull mix and using an off-white for the skulls was a definite win.
Another thing I got was this awesome dress from Forever 21. I swear I'm addicted to that store. It doesn't help that it's in the same mall I work in now. So if I'm bored on my break, I just trot on over there. When I do my actual shops there, I can't leave without spending AT LEAST $70....eek. It's terrible. But anyways this dress was just over $20, and I'm hoping to wear it tonight. It's so comfy! I'm thinking I'll wear it with some black opaque tights, my combat boots, and a small black waist belt with a bronze only if I had some cute bronze anchor earrings.....

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