Thursday, June 7, 2012


We just signed the lease today for a new apartment, and I'm getting pretty excited about decorating. It's pretty big, has a tiny breakfast bar, big patio, and tons of closets....<3 So I've gone on a bit of a tangent and found TONS of photos of awesome home decor stuff. Oh and all this stuff is from except the bench is from

This wallpaper is my favorite. I absolutely love brick walls in apartments...and if it were allowed I'd totally buy this and have an accent wall of all brick. *sigh*
These are all super cool too. They are made of re-purposed wood. I think they would look super cute in a bathroom. I'm kind of thinking about making my own stuff like this. Or even visiting thrift stores and re-making shelving and such to look like this. Also, I want to make a coffee table for the living room or a bench for the breakfast bar with a more raw/worn wood, paint it white and then chip away bits to make it look super rustic.
So our apartment also has a pretty big balcony. And I'm thinking it would be awesome to get a cool rug, little bench, end table, small grill and some plants.....i'll probably be out there all the time. I'm just excited for mornings off, just drinking tea or coffee, reading, writing....anything. It will be so nice. I don't have a porch at my current place so I've been really missing it!
p.s. outfit posts coming soon!


  1. I'm excited to see this all come together!! I LOVE the re purposed wood look!

    1. Yeah me too! Man august 15 is so far away!!!! I want that patio right now!