Sunday, June 17, 2012


So I just found this wonderful site via The Dainty Squid and they have so many amazing shoes that are such a great price!(all about $15-$35) I'm beyond excited. It's called URBANOG Here's what I've found....I'm pretty much 100% sure I'm going to purchase the black studded flats.
On a side note, I am determined to make these studded converse sneakers. Ever since our store put up some promo signage last year with a picture of the singer from Flyleaf wearing these, I've wanted them so bad. So I've decided that when I get paid on Friday I'm going to buy some converse hi tops, and tons of studs and lock myself away until they are finished. I've looked them up to purchase at retail/pre-made and they are about $100-$500.....eeek! Let's hope this goes well. I know I'll be the happiest girl if I make them properly.

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