Thursday, August 1, 2013


Right now my entire life is in one of the biggest transitions I've ever been through.  It's pretty much a ton of fairly large transitions grouping together to create one mega-titan-sized-transition.  I've officially left Hot Topic *tear* and have moved onto pursuing my design dreams while balancing a part time job at our local co-op (which is awesome by the if there was ever an award given for the best "do-good" company....they would take the gold).

I haven't been through training in a while for a new job, so this is definitely a change....but I think i'm getting the hang of it.  I'm looking forward to feeling comfortable, so my days go by fast and by the end of my shift I'm ready to just go home and design (rather than go home and sleep from my brain exploding from new knowledge)

Another change going on....I'm moving.  I will be moving back home for a little bit, and then hopefully back out with a few friends.  Moving sucks.  That's all I've got to say.  It's especially different this time around as well.

These things have all brought on a huge stress, so that's the reasoning for me just sticking to "update" type posts.  My apologies.  In time(hopefully within a few weeks), let's hope I can move away from the "update" type and into the "every day" type posts.

So that's the "my life now update".

As for SOVRIN.  My apparel is now selling at Grit N' Glory :)  You can find tanks and leggings there.  Grit N' Glory is a fantastic boutique/lifestyle boutique selling a mix of independent designs and products made by bigger companies.  The apparel/accessories are all greatly inspired by the "rebel street-fashion" style.  (my personal favorite)  Here are a few pics of their store and my stuff there!

You should definitely go check them out!  Well I've got to get back to work!

When I move back home I'm going to try and do more outfit posts again too!

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