Monday, January 23, 2012


So I want to share my favorite blogs and websites that I get inspiration from. I will post a new blog/site every few days. I have quite a few places that I am constantly checking, the one I use most frequently is This site is fact I find it so incredible that I have it bookmarked on my homepage to my Droid X. hah! >.< It's different everyday, which is exciting. It's a collaboration of a large variety of people who post their daily looks, and sometimes say where they found the pieces. It's cool because anybody can post on lookbook if you have an account(I would like to get mine started). Most of the users I find admirable because they have created a large fan base from starting their own companies(clothing/art/graphic) and blogs. From there if you find a person on lookbook that has cool ideas, most of them have links to their personal blogs. It can be very addicting!

Here are some of the cool looks I saw today...just to give you an idea of what you will find on this site.

*I love this one, however if I were wearing it myself I'd ditch the red sweater and add a cool chunky all black necklace. I love the over sized men's button down with the super bleached and distressed leggings. The nude shoes definitely set this apart as well, all the colors just blend together.


*I really love this look because of it's simplicity. I've been getting into blazers, I know it's been a trend for a while....but I've never liked wearing them until now(but I do end up getting the ones made with a jersey knit....I cheat ;p) The one thing that makes me super love this outfit is the chunky necklace she's wearing, it adds so much to the outfit. And i have been noticing this trend popping up a lot (crew neck top w/blazer and a BOLD necklace....definitely LOVE blazers with navy and white pinstripe tops...) Last years main trend for blazers I felt was the white v-neck t to pair with jeggings/tight fit cigarette skinnys and heels. I think Kim Kardashian. Anyways...enough rambling on this photo.....I just really love it.

*Not much more to say besides....I'm a sucker for anything grunge inspired :) you'll notice this more and more....It's just where my heart is haha

I have a HUGE amount of photos I've saved on my computer, however I don't have the links to their pages, so I'd rather not post unless if I can give the person proper credit. So there it is, my favorite style site that I almost obsessively check daily.

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