Saturday, July 28, 2012


I've recently given into Instagram.  It actually is a pretty cool little app.  I just wanted to share some of the things I've posted on there.  Sorry for no posts in a while *naughty* I have just been working and enjoying friends.  But anyways here's my Instagram.
Oh and if you have it, follow me!  kbgarland13

Got some super amazing cherries.  I rarely purchase them, but I saw a post on pinterest that said cherries can naturally fight headaches and pain.  And I get A TON of maybe if I keep up the cherry eating it will help.

I did a post about this dress, made it from a thrift store long sleeve blouse.

I'm super excited about this ear cuff.  I got it from work.  I had wanted one for a while, but thought it wouldn't work in my ear because they are stretched.  But then I turned my thinking cap on and switched the cuff upside down....and voila! It works!  I'm super happy with it :)

These also came in from work.  Best tasting gum EVER.....sadly the flavor lasts for all of 3 minutes....merrrr

This is my cat lilo.  He's adorable.

Shoes I thrifted for only $2.99.....<3 them so much

This magnet is in the backroom on our fridge....I happen to think it's hilarious.  So I had to Instagram it....

This is my friends cat....looks just like lilo! adorable.

Sent out 2 Sovrin orders last week.  It's moving on slowly but surely.

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