Monday, July 23, 2012


This dress is super easy to make, and only took me about 20 minutes....and it's super cute!


1.  Start out with an oversized blouse.  I found this one from the Dollar Pound for about $.35.  The lighter the fabric and the more drape it has the better.  However if you end up using a thicker material, just be ready to take more accurate measurements.  Another thing to check for is the length of the blouse, make sure if you want it to be a dress that it reaches to an appropriate length.  However you can also use this tutorial to make a tunic top if it's a shorter  length.

2. Cut off the sleeves of the blouse
3.  Turn your garment inside out and try on.  Pin the sides to fit your bust area, but keep the bottom of the dress about the same size.
4.  Sew along the side seams and taper in towards the bust area.  (notice the photo below how the dress is almost triangle shaped from the tapering of sewing along the side seams)

5.  Roll the raw edges of the sleeves over TWICE, and pin about every 1-2 inches (the more pins, the cleaner the look, if you are a beginning I highly recommend using more pins)

6.  Cut a piece of elastic that measures the diameter of your under bust line. (ribcage)
7.  Try on your top and mark with a pin where you would like to have your elastic placed.
8.  Fold your elastic into fourths and pin on each point (as seen below)

9.  Dot four points around bustline where you want your elastic to be (I chose each side seam, the button down, and middle of the back)  
10.  Draw a line connecting the points you decided on the dress.
11.  Take elastic and pin to each point on the dress so that the elastic is evenly distributed around the garment.  
12.  Lastly sew the elastic to the dress(inside out), keeping it along the line you had drawn along the under bust.  Make sure to stretch the elastic as you go so that it distributes properly. After this step, try on your dress or tunic and make any adjustments as necessary.


  1. Nice dress, Kayla! Love the flower print!

  2. Really like this dress/shirt, love the floral dress!

    1. Thanks! Oh the things you can make from a thrift store :)