Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Happy fourth! :)  I'm very relieved that I have 2 days off in a row for the 4th.  Hooray for paid holidays!  I have some exciting plans for my days off.  I'd like to do a lot of cleaning and crafting....already got some done today!  Tonight I'm going to my boyfriends parent's house and they always throw a huge 4th of July shindig.  Lots of food, drinks, fireworks, and friends.  I think it should be a good night.  However, I didn't think things through and scheduled my tattoo appointment tomorrow at 11am.....let's hope for the best *drinks lots of water...*

It will be wonderful to get my chest tattoo done.  It's going to be all black and white shading.  The roses are going to look incredible.  I'll definitely post photos!  But for now, here's what I have so far.  It's just a wonderful piece filled with dainty filigree and roses...I just love that so much.  You can barely see the outline of the roses as it was done it a light grey wash.  Oh the excitement is building!!!!
As for more fun things I went to the dollar pound yesterday.  It's the first time in months and months!  It's such an interesting awesome place.  It's called the Dig and Save....and that's literally what you do.  Dig and find little treasures.  I was super lucky and found 2 tops and a large ornate frame for a whopping $1.63, and I was only there for about 15 minutes.

Here is what I found:

This frame was only $1.  I was so excited!!! I may paint it black, and rub a bit off to have some exposed silver. I'm not too sure. I'm always a sucker for ornate frames.  It will look great in the new apartment, which I have many many decorative ideas for.

I also found this wonderful little silk anchor top. It has teeny tiny little white anchors patterned around the top with a rounded collar.  I got this for about 30 cents!  Later in this post I will show you what I did with it!

This little plaid top I also got for about 30 cents.  I'm planning on adding some studs to the collar and maybe a patch on the back.  That will be for a later post.

So onto the wonderful anchor top.  Here's a closeup of the anchor print!  

I ended up cutting off the sleeves as I'm not much for long sleeves.  I also cut some corners on the bottom of the top to add some interest and variety to the hemline (you can see it in the later photos of me wearing it)  After cutting it as I saw fit, I folded along the cut fabric and sewed around it to finish off the edges and keep from fraying.  The top was also a bit wide, so I turned the top inside out and surged along the side seams.

Here's the finished top!  I think I'd like to invest in some white distressed skinny jeans (which we have at Hot Topic, where I work)  I think this top would look great with the skinnys, layered with a black and white striped tank, some flats and maybe some gold jewelry.

You can see in this pic how I took the sides up, instead of having a straight across hemline.

Okay that's all for today!   Have a great holiday!

xoxo Kayla

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