Thursday, July 5, 2012


There are some little tips and tricks on my blog that you can use when looking through it. The format it's in is super nice because you can have the freedom to view it in many different styles. So I'm just going to go through and give a quick tutorial.

If you would like to explore some different templates to view my blog, just drag your mouse over the tab that says classic in the upper left hand side.  This is the current template.  From there you can scroll down and click on various styles they offer.  It's nice because you can change it how you like, but it doesn't affect any one else's viewing preferences.  The photo below is in sidebar.

Here are some other formats you can go through.  I just took a few screen shots to show you what I'm talking about. The one below is flipcard.  It's nice having this too because you end up seeing a lot of posts that you otherwise probably wouldn't have gotten to as I have made almost 100 blog entries so far.

Now's the part where I'm going to show you a way to "follow" my blog.  It's much more hidden compared to other blog formats.  Which is nice and frustrating at the same time.  I like it because it's not displayed and distracting from the blog, however I don't like it as it's kind of difficult for people to understand how to follow.  I have a lot of visitors daily, but a lot fewer followers due to this.  So if you are someone who is a consistent visitor, or just happen to come across my blog and enjoy it, please follow me :)  It's always appreciated.

Enough of that, here's how to follow on my blog.  If you drag your mouse over to the right hand side, there is a hidden sidebar.  When your mouse scrolls over the sidebar it will pop out as seen below.  You can then click on the little icon that looks like 3 tiny people.

Once you click on that icon another bar will pop out with a view of followers and a blue Google button that says join this site. From there you can easily follow my blog!  It's easier if you have a Google account, if not I believe you can follow anonymously.  If you have your own Blogspot you can also enter my blog URL into your reading list.  That will also act as a follow.  

Oh and one last thing, for some reason the follow button doesn't come out properly when it's in the classic view.  But every other one works.  Sorry for all the confusion.  But anyways have fun bopping around and I hope this helped.

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