Monday, July 9, 2012


I got these great scarfs from my work, Hot Topic for only $2 each.  I was either making curtains or a dress out of them.  Dress won.  It's super easy to make dresses from scarves.  If you want it just for a swim cover up (as I did)  Then just use them as is.  If you are wanting a regular non-see through dress then make sure to find a simple light cotton material or material of your choice to layer underneath. 

Honestly All i did to create this dress was tie two corners of the scarves together.  Then lay it over my neck and pin it in the front where I wanted to have the line start at the cleavage.   From there I sewed the sides together.

As for the back, I just pinned together where I wanted the back to start.  And then sewed the ends together all the way down.  From there you can either use a belt to cinch the waist, or find some kind of cool rope to sew to the fabric under the bust line.

Make sure when you make this that you sew the material inside out to avoid exposed seams.

On another note.  I went to six flags yesterday with a bunch of friends.  It was so much fun!  My boyfriend went with, and originally he really disliked roller coasters, but had a great time and really enjoys them now.  So glad I could show him how fun they can be!  We didn't go on a whole lot as lines are long, but it was super fun still.  It was super odd though wen I got home and tried sleeping it felt like I was still on the coasters.  Super uncomfortable and made it next to impossible to sleep.  I've been on so many coasters and to so many parks but this is a first!  I think I'm just getting old and affected differently from these things. Sad day.  But here are 2 of my favorite coasters we went on!

Raging Bull

It's one of the biggest coasters they have there.  The drop is just ridiculous and huge.  But it's the smoothest coaster ever.  It honestly feels like you are flying while riding it.

The X flight

This is the newest coaster to six flags.  It's so smooth and super fun!  They have a lot of mists that you ride through which felt so nice on a hot day.  And it takes you so close to hitting the rails and walls so it gives you another kind of excitement.  This is all I could find for photos as it's a very new coaster.


  1. Wow you are super talented!! Love the DIY skull dress!!! Gonna Hype you on Lookbook!!

    xoxo, Elle

    1. Thank you so much! Yeah I really like this scarves are nice to use for summer dresses because they are so lightweight.

  2. The dress is Ah-Mazing! you got skillz =P

    1. Awe hey thanks! I'm probably going to make a different version of the scarf dress and post it on here. :)

  3. Wow, this is the coolest dress I've ever seen ! You're the Queen of DIY.