Friday, August 24, 2012


I recently joined the website Polyvore, and it's super fun!  You can build your own outfits with various items from stores all around.  I've found so many cool and unique items from stores I didn't even know existed!  The first two outfits I did actually a while ago.  So they aren't as good.  I just discovered the search description box....I know slow....and well I've found quite a few more sweet items.  If you have Polyvore  I believe you can kind of follow/friend people?  I'm not sure.  I'm still learning.  If anyone knows any tips about Polyvore, let me know!

My website/username is


flag by kbgarland featuring black shoes

Ash black shoes
$475 -

Backpack bag

Knit beret

I love the backpack and boots in this photo.

Untitled #3

Loose shirt

Duty free black legging
$11 -

Jeffrey Campbell suede booties
$235 -

Heart jewelry

Kate spade earrings

I've been wanting to invest in some boots like the studded ones in this outfit, but haven't come across any (I'm not much one for online shopping)  I do really love those leggings though.  If you've noticed, I'm not one for much color, so it's a great spin off of the galaxy print!

killer boots

Black sweater

AllSaints high heels

Skull jewelry

Oh my gosh, what to say about this one.....I want it all.  Those boots....OH. MY. GOD.....NEED THEM.  It's so hard to find a legit good heeled buckle boot.  And it's not one of those skimpy/girly buckle heels...but good leather badass, I'm going to kick you heeled kind of buckle just screams my name.  However they are about $300.  I'm not really rolling in cash just yet.  The sweater.....*dies*  So incredible.  I would wear that daily.  I mean really, this whole outfit is ridiculous.

lovely jacket

American Retro oversized blouse
$215 -

AX Paris fitted jeans
$51 -

Bootie boots

Pyramid necklace

Oh and this outfit.  The one pieces that I'm drooling over is the jacket.  It's real leather.  I love the gather in the sleeves, it just really adds so much to this jacket.  It makes it so much more rugged, and yet it's still classy.  Honestly, this would be my favorite fall jacket, and you would probably have to pry it off of me.  It again is $300 (half off) much money.... :(

I'll try and post more outfits next week!  :)  Have a great Friday!


  1. Great outfits :) I'm following you now :)