Sunday, September 9, 2012


New outfit :)

Plaid top:  Daytrip/Platos Closet $8
Jeans:  Machine/Hot Topic $40
Boots: Forever 21 $40
Necklace:  Hot Topic $12

My hair is a bit wild in this photo :o

I went thrifting last week at savers.  They had this great sale going on where everything was 50% off.  My boyfriend and I showed up there at 8am!  Haha, we are crazy.  I didn't go too crazy, but found a couple gems. My plan today is to alter them to my liking, and find some great buttons to switch out on them!  Here's what I found.  I paid a whopping $7 for everything!  I got another shirt, but it's just a basic cute plaid top, that I'm not doing anything to.  For some reason I didn't photograph it....hmmm.

I'm planning on making these into some sleeveless tops.  I just really prefer sleeveless to long sleeve.  And then I just add tons of layers :)  I absolutely love the black velvet top I got.  I've never been one for velvet, but this one is the exception.  I'm planning on finding some great victorian style buttons to add to it.  so stoked.

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  1. beautiful,., (^-^) love your pants.,the whole outfit looks perfect!