Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Update on what I've been up to.

I'm working on cranking out some of these awesome bodycon dresses made from vintage tee shirts.  The ship and star wars design I've just posted on my Etsy.  They have an awesome fit, and I just love wearing them with leggings.

I can do custom orders as well!   If you have an over sized shirt you want made into a bodycon tank, just email me :)

If you like this ship design, here's where you can check it out:

This vintage star wars tank is one of my new favorites :)

It's a Medium, if you like it, here's where you can see further details and/or purchase it!

I have a few more star wars tees that I'm in the process of making, as well as a super awesome vintage skull tee.

On to other news.....I've placed my American Apparel order, and hopefully will be receiving it Friday.  I will be working with a good friend of mine, The Bare Tree, with printing.  I'm super excited.  I want to learn to print on my own, and I'll update you with how it's going!  I have a new design coming out, The Death Moth. That I'm very very excited about printing.  

The winds are a changing, and I believe good things are on it's way.

On a last note, only 2 more days and my Ad on The Dainty Squid will be live.  Super stoked!!!

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