Sunday, October 7, 2012


It can be overwhelming going into thrift stores just to browse.  There’s so much going on, and you have to be patient and be able to dig through a lot of items to find those special pieces.  Something I always keep to help is a thrift list.

Here’s my current list!
-Jars (for storing bulk foods and teas)
-chunky sweaters
-unique oversized graphic t shirts
-victorian styled/patterned items
-cute bowls (big ones)
- tall socks to cut up and make leg warmers
-vintage dresses
-cute scarves

I always browse these sections even if it’s not on my current thrift list: shoes, jewelry, and the miscellaneous fabrics.

I want to get a few scarves to do this:

The photo above is a click-through link to her blog that teaches you how to make a cute scarf top.  It's great for people who are beginner sewers, as there are only about 4 simple stitches you need to make.

What’s your current thrift list?  

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