Monday, December 31, 2012


It seems that everyone is making some sort of resolution for the new year.  I never really make resolutions, and don't feel the need to post it all over facebook.  However, I know I am not content with where my life is at, and now's a better time than any to take some time to reflect and think on where my life is headed now and where I want to be.

MY ACCOMPLISHMENTS FOR 2012 (this is to make me feel better about where I'm at):

1.  Bought my dream car, a Mini Cooper
2.  Got a promotion to store manager, and ever since our store has been kicking butt
3.  Moved in with my boyfriend (despite my terrified nerves of having a repeat situation)....but it's been going  very well and I....we....are still very happy and in love (yeah yeah so mushy)
4.  Started a screen printing company, sovrin.


1. Figure out where I want to be in life.....buyer....entrepreneur....stylist?  
This is a tough one, I've been constantly going back and forth between where I want to be.  All I know, is that I don't feel I'm living up to my potential being a store manager.  I want to be in the creative side of the business.  The biggest thing with this is figuring out if I need a better degree.  Trying to get a job as a buyer with only an associates degree is tough.  Most places won't even glance at your application if there is no bachelors degree.  This is something that will take a lot of time to think about.  School is expensive....and if I can swing it without the degree, that would be fantastic.  However, if I go for the 4 year degree, I will need to fully submerse myself in my work.  It seems that this will take a lot of thinking, I just haven't had that light turn on to any ideas.....

A.) Look for jobs on the daily
B.) Pursue sovrin, do some shows, make more clothes, and try new prints.  See how I like it....possible (awesome) career path as well as blogging!  If I was able to make enough to do sovrin I would constantly keep up my blogging and styling.  *sigh* If I can get that going....that would be my favorite ever
C.) Keep my options open....and work hard every day.  Make lists in the morning on what I'm doing in my day to keep me motivated

2.  Be more independent and grounded.
I miss the days where I would come home and submerse myself in books and learning.  I'd like to be in that solid state of mind again.  I think feeling so unsure on where my life is headed, and having that overwhelming fear of looking at myself in 10 years and wondering why I'm not doing more is really bothering me, and just making it hard to sit, relax, and just be me.

A.)  Take time to walk to a coffee shop and hang out/write.  I will be forced out of my usual routine.
B.)  Sketch a day and journal.  I've always wanted to try this thing called sketch a day.  I will get better with drawing, and I think it will take me away from my every day pattern and force me to use the creative side of my brain.
C.)  Read!  Get a book list going....currently I would like to read The Silmarilion

3.  Be better at managing my money
Money has been stressful lately, very stressful.  Buying a new car, having a lot of things to fix on my car ($3,000) starting sovrin, and a lot of other expenses have been weighing down on me.  I want to be more responsible with my money, and I know in the end it will help me reduce my stress levels.

A.)  Set aside enough money from each paycheck to cover ALL bills (including mge/charter)
B.)  Don't buy things unless you are in love with them, try to go thrift shopping more instead of going to regular stores (better for environment)
C.)  Go grocery shopping instead of going out to eat

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