Friday, December 28, 2012


I hope everyone had a nice holiday.
Mine went well, aside from my mini cooper deciding to break it's wind shield wipers. :(
The little guy is in the shop right now, but seems to be in good hands
 (the guy fixing my car is irish, with a lovely accent)
I will be posting a lookbook outfit within the next few days.

I got some fantastic things for the holidays, I will post some things very soon!
What did you all get for the holidays?

Here's just a sneak of my new lookbook!
My last post did quite well, I'm happy!

I recently purchased this sweater from forever21, it's my favorite!
It goes well with my freshly colored black hair.
Also, getting back into the nerd glasses, don't judge ;)

You can purchase it here

I'm going to show you a few bits from my closet.
As well as things I've made.
New favorites....
Just kind of a mix of things!

I got a few gift cards for Forever21....I am beyond excited! 
 I already went shopping and have about $55 left :)

This top I wanted when it was online, but sold out.
However, I found the last one in store, and it was my size! (I'm still pretty excited)


I got this lovely sweater for $12 from forever 21
....I'm trying to buy less black.

This top was from H&M $30

I got this top recently from Hot Topic(my job)

This top I made from a $1.50 thrifted jack daniels it.

This top I altered.....I still want to try and add more.

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