Sunday, March 3, 2013


Fashion show!  So it went really great, and my booth was swarmed with people after the show.  The whole show went really smoothly, and there were so many talented designers in the show.  I'm so happy I did it.  My mom took a video of the show with her iphone from her seat, it's a bit shakey, but it's something!  And yes, I did have the models wear creepy awesome white masks.  And let me tell you it looked fantastic.  It set my line apart from the other designers, and really allowed you to focus on the designs themselves.  I'm so happy I decided to use the masks.  (I was a bit nervous that it would be seen as weird to the audience)

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to choose the music, but I'd say the chosen song/mix was appropriate for my line.  Doing this show really has inspired me to push SOVRIN, and hopefully build it into a career.  I absolutely love doing events like fashion shows and craft fairs.  I love talking with people and hearing feedback on products I've created.  Also, printing and designing is just so exciting; seeing a design come to life, and then people being just as excited about it(if not more) as you are. 

I did manage to take some photos before the show.  Here's a little behind the scenes sneak peak.

This is the area where all the models changed, designers got their garments ready, hair and makeup was done, and all that good stuff.  My line is in the middle on the rolling rack.

Here's the set up process for the runway.  We ended up having a full house :)  

Some of the models here are getting their hair/makeup done.

This is what my booth looked like at the show.  I had 1 long 6 foot table, and a side table with my mannequin/business cards/American Apparel catalog. (In case if anybody wanted to know about the quality and make of the apparel)  I had no idea that so many people were going to be interested, I definitely didn't bring enough variety of my product.  I suppose you learn as you go!

I had so many friends come and visit/support the show.  I'm so happy to have so many of my friend's support.  I was so swamped at the end of the show, networking and selling my merchandise, I feel bad that I wasn't able to talk with everyone that came for SOVRIN.  (sorry for the photo quality, it wasn't the best lighting)

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