Monday, March 4, 2013


Now that my show is over, I supposed I can show you some of the new products!  These leggings are my favorite.  I added some little nerdy details to them, the writing in the handle of the sword says SOVRIN in the dwarf alphabet, Khazalid.  I have been a lover of Lord of the Rings, and all things J.R.R. Tolkien ever since middle school, so I had to add my little LOTR spin to them <3  They are printed on American Apparel leggings with water based ink.  I also printed them on the backs so it looks like you have swords coming out of your boots (like a total badass).  They go for $35.  So far I've seen just a ridiculously amazing response to them, so I've just placed another order for more leggings......maybe this is my key into the printing and entrepreneurial world. Also, big thing, my absolute idol just purchased the leggings. I can't name who, but I am just beyond excited :)

You can purchase them here.  They are available in S-L

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  1. They're awesome!