Saturday, March 23, 2013


 I just got a black denim jacket (finally) the other day.  And I spent a bit of time last night making it my own.  And I'll say it turned out pretty great.  I cut off the sleeves, added a patch(cut out from a t shirt), and then got some black studs and lined the collar.

The jacket originally had long sleeves, and I'm not one for sleeves, so I cut them off.

There was only a size large left, so I had to do some taking in.  If you have never taken any of your clothes in, it's about one of the easiest things ever.  Turn your top inside out, try it on, and pin it along the seam to how much you want taken off.  After that just do a simple seam up the sides and then cut off the excess.   (I usually surge it, but sewing machine works just as well!)  You can kind of see the seam I made along the sides.

Here's the finished jacket on the back.  Again, it was a super quick job, but I do really like the jacket!  The image is from a Hot Topic t shirt I got a few years ago.

I can't believe I'll be leaving for Florida in two days.  I'm just so excited.  I'll definitely be posting while i'm there, as I will have a lot of down time at the hotel.  Hopefully I will get a great tan while I'm there too!  

Last thing.  A girl came into my store today wearing the most fantastic leggings I've ever seen.  They are made by Black Milk clothing.  Freaking lord of the rings leggings?!  AND they are the maps?!  I MUST purchase these.  Definitely one of the most exciting things I've found in a while.  However, they are sadly $85/ea.  That's more than I pay for 4 pairs of jeans (I get a fantastic discount at Hot Topic) but still.....

That is all for now!  I have 3 outfit posts coming up for y'all in the next week. 

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