Thursday, March 21, 2013


As I said in an earlier post, I want to try and do more online shopping (as opposed to) shopping at stores...especially mall stores. (which is where I work).

So here are a few of the things I've recently found that I really love.

These Plugs....what can I say?  Gorgeous.  I feel like they would give me the look of wearing chandelier earrings (even though I'm still wearing plugs)  They are just so perfect, not to mention I have an obsession of any animal skulls.  AND it's a smaller again, I love to support. I'll definitely be purchasing these puppies soon.  

These leggings are great, because they have just the smallest detail that makes them so unique.  However, I feel like I could easily make these myself. (possible DIY post in the future?)

THESE leggings....OH these leggings.... I saw a pair similar to these on tumblr earlier this last fall, but could never track them down.  And now I have found them, and to my surprise they are only $16 (which I'm sure it's because they are a knockoff....but that doesn't bother me too much)

Skulls and satchels....what can I say?  Made. For. Me.

I saw this sweater on a lookbooker that I follow, and I just died.  I went to purchase it...and sadly it was already sold out :(

These lovely leggings I already purchased (which I was going to buy with the sweater above) A neat thing about sheinside is that you can get discounts on anything you're going to purchase just by sharing it on facebook.  As well as you get 15% off your purchase just for signing up!

This case, it's just so simple, but the little bronze logo just makes it feel more like an accessory and less like just another phone case.

I am slightly on the obsessed side of (bone) anatomy sketches, and this book is exactly the drawing style I love.  If only I can find this in an animal version....oh then I would be just so excited.  ALL the animal skulls in the world?! *dies*

I originally saw it on one of the blogs I follow daily, The Dainty Squid.

Again, my obsession of the skeletal system....and an animal skeleton at that.  Definitely need to buy this.  Although, I do wonder about the ears, I highly doubt those are made from bone.....*ahem* cartilage?

I love the simplicity of this bed spread.  I would make some sweet accent pillows to add some of my own style. (I'm imagining some black Victorian accent pillows....maybe ones with rose cameos on them....if it exists?)


  1. Most charming stuff! I nominated your blog for the Versatile Blogger Award :)

    1. Thanks so much :) I've never heard of this award, but I appreciate you thinking of me!