Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I'm going to try and do more outfit posts on here, and broaden my blogging.  I have 2 more outfits coming up this week.  I'm pretty excited about them.  

You want to know another thing I'm excited about???
I'm going to Florida next week!  Although I may be pasty white and not bikini ready, I'm beyond excited to just lay in warm weather, sketch, read, hang with family, swim, and (hopefully) go surfing.

Another new thing, my poor Mini had the service light go on the other day, I'm getting it looked at on Thursday(which costs $112 just to be looked at....) and if it's a big problem, I may have to look into a new Mini or....*holds breath* a new Honda Civic.....*cries*  Just this exact Mini has been having problem after problem (not to mention I tried getting an auxiliary port installed, and it didn't work on my model) and I feel like it may be time to let it go...gosh it's just so hard.  I had been wanting this car since I was in middle school....  Every other person I've talked to who owns a Mini loves their car though and hasn't had many problems....so it must just be this little guy.  I'm sure I'll have things to say after Thursday about the visit.

I created this outfit on Polyvore in respect to my new leggings I ordered(lame, I know) but I'm just so freaking excited for them!  I died a little at first sight, however, I chose the cheap route and did free shipping so I may not see these precious puppies for another 3 weeks (but they were only $20!!!) 

This purchase inspired me to try and buy online more, why?  Because when I purchase things online, I know it's because I REALLY wanted it.  I fall victim to the instant gratification of purchasing in stores and on sale racks (I think that may be why I cycle through my closet so often)  It's just such a temptation working in the mall though....If I have a break and I don't feel like eating (which is often)....guess what I do?  Go and walk straight to Forever 21 or H&M, and 50% of the time I end up buying something.  It needs to end.  


Helmut jersey tank / Patterned legging / Studded sneaker, $24 / Prada knapsack bag / Akiko mano / River Island , $12

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  1. wow Florida it`s great! By the way, you look beautiful! and I love the leggins from sheinside!