Monday, December 23, 2013


Today my sister was super great and took photos of me while I was printing.  Even though I resisted a bit at getting my photo taken (I really despise getting my pictures taken) I am happy she did take the photos.  Prior to printing, I had always been curious at the process behind it.  So I figured why not show everyone a little bit of a behind the scenes peek at how I print SOVRIN

Here is a photo of some of my positives.  I use these to align my screen on the press/pallet.

Here is the screen lined up on the press.   Once the screen is fully aligned, I put gloves on (ink is very messy) and dish up some ink on one part of the screen.

After the ink is set up, I can start printing.  It's very important to make sure the shirt/garment is perfectly aligned....this can sometimes be the hardest part.  Just being a quarter of an inch off can result in a major fail.

On the first print, I usually like to double/triple/quadruple check my alignment at the collar prior to printing. (I can be a bit of a perfectionist)....not to mention a mistake is a loss of a garment and money.

Once I feel confident that the screen is properly aligned, I use the squeegee to start printing.  This process is both easy and difficult at the same time.  An even amount of pressure must be used, the right amount of pressure, and too little ink can result in streaking....not enough pressure can result in a messy print and ink thats piled up/uneven.  Just when you think you have the process down, something will throw you for a loop and and you can add another thing to the list of "things I learned today"

Once I'm done applying the ink, I can take the garment off the pallet and I lay it somewhere flat or just where it can rest without it's fresh ink being touched.

Here are a few printed tees that are drying. 

This is my flash dryer, this is what "cures" the ink.  Basically it's what sets the ink, so that you can wash/wear your new clothing!

This is just a photo of me getting some of the designs ready to be photographed.  These are my new "shredder" tanks that are now available at

Well that was a short little bit on what I do for printing.  I hope you enjoyed it and learned a little something new. 


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